There was quite a chill in the air that morning. Five days had already gone by since the sun showered its warm ray on the numbed face. It was too cold to leave the bed even for performing one’s ablutions. Even a slight thought of journey in this unfavorable season and that too by train comes up like an electric shock to the commoners. All were shivering with feverish cold. However, sometimes circumstances force us to journey even if we don’t want to. Vedanta was such a man from Kolkata who had to undertake the challenging journey to Delhi. He was in the habit of leaving no stone unturned for the sake of building his image. woking taxi

He was too much of confident of himself, his so called carefulness, bravery and consciousness in all the activities whatever. Whenever he heard of any pick pocketing, theft and snatching and lifting in the buses and trains, he couldn’t help laughing at the carelessness of the people concerned. Like a true preacher he would teach them,” Why are you so negligent of your belongings when you are travelling in the train or buses?””You should always be all alert; as anything may happen, particularly when you are travelling by train or bus, don’t even blink your eyes. Once your attention is diverted, you will remain repenting forever and your belongings are gone.”At this point of time he considered himself a great careful person of the world. Sometimes he would have a quarrel with his wife when she preached him to hide some money in his upper pocket, some inner, some in the lower, and some in the back and some front pocket, some in the bag, some in the books. However, all the time he would emerge victorious in diffusing her awkward plan and had his own way happily, as he was more intelligent and smart than her but only in his own eyes. Nevertheless, the sweet illusion of his of being smarter was no longer there with him. One day that he cannot forget throughout his life opened up his eyes to the hard reality of the world full of the crooks in various forms. For one’s own smartness is not enough to travel safe in life; he/she is expected to be more watchful too all the time, as the world is full of more intelligent and smarter crooks than the good and average ones like him. At every step of life we have to be ready to encounter them in some way or the other.

Everything appeared engulfed in smog as far as he could see outside though the window of the train moving fast ahead tearing the cold silence of the dead night. Meanwhile, to escape from the cold thought he darted his attention to the purpose he was heading towards the capital of India. Moreover, he was feeling bored sitting alone also. He was so lost that he allowed himself to roam in the past of his college and university days, friends and better than the best teachers, who impressed, influenced, inspired and motivated him to a considerable extent. One of such men of learning was the person with appeasing personality who later became his father-in-law in his personal life. It was very unfortunate for this sexagenarian that the day he retired from the teaching service was advised for proper diagnosis of his kidney problem which recently raised its head sending the shock wave to the near and dear ones to him not at the place where he was living but somewhere else in a better and reputed hospital. Wherever the Time wanted him to go, he visited. He tried his luck in Vellore hospital and from there he went to AIMS, Delhi. In the long run he was admitted to Gangaram Hospital, Delhi. It was a major operation performed on him resulting into the removal of one of the kidneys badly infected. As a part of emotional succor all the relatives were supposed to be there by his bed that day of the operation by hook or by crook. Following others’ footprints he too posed himself no less than any of the relatives parrying off the fact that in fact, he was not so affluent and well off as they were in every way. Thinking that he was also earning well, he also decided to give a helping hand with whatever he had at that point of time. He took out heavy amount of money from his wife’s bank Account and got it credited to his as he had the ATM card. As planned, he was to take the money out in Delhi and hand it over to the family for the purpose concerned.